The Basics of Meditation

When feeling unbalanced, I remember to begin with the basics of meditation. Breathe in a circular rhythm. Notice how it calms the body and the heart and occupies the mind with a pointed focus on the breath. During meditation it is important to be centered within ones’ self. It is the basis that leads to deeper realization. It is the foundation of the practice.

Relax and be clear. Love first, and your intent will be clear. A relaxed body awareness leads to a calm heart. It relaxes the nervous system, it calms the impulses. A focused mind is a serene mind. Clarity stems from this.

Notice the joy that begins to fill your heart and consciousness. It imbues you with balance and peace. Yet beyond the Joy is the Serenity. It fills every part of your being: heart, body, mind and spirit. Serenity. Serenity brings clarity of vision. The Serenity of Knowing.

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