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How to Navigate These World Changes

How do you navigate these world changes, and your personal changes?   Find your Inner Peace. It is the core of life. Inner Peace is constant, never changing and eternal. Inner Peace is there.   How do you find Inner Peace?   Let go of your stories, your past, your future, your joys, your pains, […]

Prayer for all Masters of the Journey

God smiles upon all, as they are the pure essence of life itself. Be they seemingly simple or complex and multi-faceted expressions, each is gifted with the extraordinary nature of the divine. To live our gifts, abilities, inclinations, radiance, nuance, and sparkle, is the purpose of life. It glorifies the unlimited forms of divine fragrance. […]

How can you be more empowered to be your self?

Let go of the old and new stories. Let go of the drama. Your perspective colors your reality. It is all YOUR choice, how you choose to view your life. Rid yourself of past hurts, disappointments. Rediscover the NEW in everything. Have faith that the goodness of life prevails. You are surrounded with the universal […]

The Basics of Meditation

When feeling unbalanced, I remember to begin with the basics of meditation. Breathe in a circular rhythm. Notice how it calms the body and the heart and occupies the mind with a pointed focus on the breath. During meditation it is important to be centered within ones’ self. It is the basis that leads to […]