How can you be more empowered to be your self?

Let go of the old and new stories. Let go of the drama. Your perspective colors your reality. It is all YOUR choice, how you choose to view your life. Rid yourself of past hurts, disappointments. Rediscover the NEW in everything. Have faith that the goodness of life prevails. You are surrounded with the universal life force. It is a part of YOU.

How can you be more empowered to be who you are?

What does it take to illicit this transformation?

We each hold within us great beauties, gifts/talents that are unique to us. Knowingly or not, we are expressing them, consciously or not. You already hold the manifesting urge within you to express yourself, simply by being alive. Their characteristics are weaved within your life force.

Recognize your inner Beauties. Remember the innocent child within you, full of wonder and creativity. Your beauties live there. Sometimes we become blind and unable to see and express our true essence. Sometimes, we have forgotten how to be genuine, authentic and true, always trying to “fit in”, by pleasing, and fulfilling the expectations of others. Too much compromise can lead to loss of the Self’s expression. We forget, or dismiss our beauties and values. Have faith in your self.

Begin each day, honoring your self as well as the Great Source you are connected to.

Give thanks for your life and the opportunity to express your true self. Give thanks for the opportunity to manifest your uniqueness for the benefit of all the lives you encounter.

The greatest drawback to free expression is resentment.

Resentment, grudges and judgments are magnets of negativity for the heart. They close the doors of expressive creativity. Resentments assume that someone or something has taken our power or disrespected us in some way. Holding on to resentments reinforces our feeling of powerlessness, our perceptive view of powerlessness. Someone once said:” No one can take away your power without your permission.”

Power over yourself or over another is a preoccupation of the ego.

In spirit, we each hold great beauty and the drive to express our selves. It is in our innate nature as well as in every form of creation, to touch the Cosmic Force that is forever present and eternal.

Only the ego perceives power as needing to be held securely or used to suppress or control others. Meditate on this.

Make time to write down some of your beauties.

Notice the variety of ways they have appeared in the past and also now.

Every night before you retire to sleep, reconnect with your Source, eternal and forever renewing.