How to Navigate These World Changes

desktop-1-2How do you navigate these world changes, and your personal changes?


Find your Inner Peace. It is the core of life. Inner Peace is constant, never changing and eternal. Inner Peace is there.


How do you find Inner Peace?


Let go of your stories, your past, your future, your joys, your pains, your wishes and dreams,

Let go of your relations and relationships,

Let go of your status, beliefs, securities and insecurities,

Let go of your possessions and losses.


Because once you have let go of all that you identify yourself with, outside yourself, what will be left is your core, your pure essence, your true nature,

that lies in Peace.


No thing (nothing) can disturb this peace:

No wars, famine, pain, suffering, joys, loves, ecstasies, successes, failures.


After all your life experiences have passed, you will find the eternal Peace that has been there within you all along. It is the eternal nature that supports, that is there beneath all of creation.


Touch your Inner Peace and you will have Peace forever: the constant, never-ending, never-changing, complete, nurturing, fulfilling, satiating, eternal Peace, and never-separate, never-arriving, never-leaving, always resting Peace within the core of your Soul.


Go, live life, in Peace.



Prayer for all Masters of the Journey

God smiles upon all, as they are the pure essence of life itself.

Be they seemingly simple or complex and multi-faceted expressions, each is gifted with the extraordinary nature of the divine.

To live our gifts, abilities, inclinations, radiance, nuance, and sparkle, is the purpose of life.

It glorifies the unlimited forms of divine fragrance.

All carry the Masters’ beauty and power and love.

Each are given the divine map leading to eternal communion with the Great One where we rest.

Walk upon the path of discovery, tasting, savouring in the mystery of your destiny.

Fill your heart with the immense awe and splendor of the universe.

Rejoice and uncover the secrets within each experience you encounter upon your way. There is no limit to the depths and heights that can be realized.

You carry magnificence and uniqueness that is indispensable to the whole.

You are a Master among Masters, upon a journey unique to you, driven by your true divine nature to express beauty and love.

Thank you for sharing the gifts you radiate upon your path,

it benefits us all along the way.